Lemme see that picture behind there
That\'s what keeps me hungry every day

Write. Rehearse. Record. Repeat.

Since the formation of Little King Hunter in 2008, the goal has always been to create music that is meaningful, expressive and unique. Experimenting with unlikely combinations of musical styles and blending unnatural chords with off-beat rhythms forms the foundation of our music. Sometimes it just works and other times it just needs to be re-worked.

Creation. Presentation. Reproduction.

We approached recording with the attitude that it should embrace the raw enegy and unfiltered power of a live set, but with the control and polish around the edges that the studio provides. Whether you're jamming out to our record in your car, or you're rocking out with us at a live performance, the experience is consistent.

Queen Of All Thats Holy And Obscene

Title: Queen Of All Thats Holy And Obscene

Released Digitally: November 2012

Released Physically: January 2013

Little King Hunter